Design and development studies for Turbojet Engine and its subsystems; aerodynamic design, calculations/analysis, mechanical design and analysis, design of controls and accessories, front-end engineering, requirements management and systems engineering.

Engine Controls and Accessories

Kale Arge develops the controls and accessories (Electronic Control Unit, Fuel Metering Pump, Pyrotechnic Igniters, Alternator) within the scope of the projects it carries out, completely indigenously.

Test Center

The main opportunities available at Kale Arge Development and Test Center are; Turbojet Engine Altitude Test System, Endurance Test Beds, Test Systems for Controls and Accessories, Combustion Chamber Test Rig.

On November 5, 2021, the Arat Project Contract for Türkiye's new Turbojet Engine was signed between the Presidency of Defense Industries and Kale Arge. Kale Arge will design, manufacture and perform verification/acceptance tests within the scope of this project. The Arat Engine will have the features of Advanced Turbojet Engine Technology, Indigenous Engineering Product, High Thrust-Low Fuel Consumption, Superior Performance at High Altitudes, and Long Operating Life.

Sustainability Projects

Kale Arge works on research and development projects for the adaption of sustainable aviation fuels and reneweable fuel technologies to utilise these in the best and efficient manner for gas turbine systems.